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Top 10 Suicide Squad Characters Ranked

Suicide Squad has a lot of flaws, but is carried by its characters. There were a lot of them and some were actually fantastic. (I’m not counting Batman just because he barely had any screen time and was uncredited)



Honorable Mention: Panda Man (Yes, that is a character on IMDB)

Ok, here we go:

Some of them were ok, but just very forgettable: 10. Slipknot & 9. Rick Flag

I honestly don’t remember anything about these characters at all. Rick Flag had the worst girlfriend of all time, and Slipknot looks like Shep Proudfoot from Fargo.


These next two had potential, but didn’t live up to the hype for me.

8. Captain Boomerang – In what is Jai Courtney’s best performance (well that’s not saying much) we get a pretty good character in Captain Boomerang. Courtney gives the character some charisma and is a nice fit into the squad. However, he wasn’t that intimidating. I mean, all he really did was just throw a boomerang at people. Half of the time it didn’t even do anything. Plus, why is he Captain Boomerang? It’s not like he was their leader or had a pirate ship.

7. Katana – I actually enjoyed this character more than a lot of people might. She was the only one that didn’t label herself as a villain. I just wish her backstory was given more clearly. Plus, I thought her sword stole your soul if she killed you with it? That was never a factor in the film at all. Oh well…


These next three were all pretty good and I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

6. Diablo – Diablo is kind of like the Hulk of the Suicide Squad. If you make him angry he will go batshit crazy! However, I couldn’t help but laugh at the flashback scenes with his backstory. I just didn’t buy him having a normal family with a wife and kids with him having all these facial tattoos and stuff. It was just silly to me.

5. Amanda Walker – This character was played by the always fantastic Viola Davis. I added her on this list mainly because of Davis’s performance alone. The character was pretty good as well but had a plan that made no sense. I mean, if Batman, Flash, and Wonder Woman were all there why didn’t she just have them stop Enchantress?

4. Killer Croc – This is a character I have always been a huge fan of, even in the Batman Animated Series. Was I blown away by this performance? No, but I still thought he was enjoyable for the most part. He had some hilarious lines and was like the Groot of the Suicide Squad. Plus, he loves BET. Now that is character depth!


Ok, now down to the big three! I think most people would have these three as their best Suicide Squad characters, but how to rank them is the question. These are the biggest actors so it was no question they would have the most screen time right?….

3. Joker – Why did Jared Leto only have like 5 scenes?!?!?! I have no idea what the creators of this movie were thinking. I mean, Leto’s Joker wasn’t that great, but he was still more enjoyable and intriguing than most of the other characters anyways… This joker is just insane, and I think does a lot of meth. That would explain the loss of weight, irrational behavior, and grills he wears to hide his bad teeth. Think about it…

2. Harley Quinn – I am a huge fan of Margot Robbie and I think she nailed Harley Quinn. It was a joy to finally see this character played on the big screen by a real person. And Margot Robbie of all people! Because she is very pretty and stuff…Anyways, Harley Quinn was a scene stealer and had some of the best lines and moments in the film. Plus, who doesn’t like espresso??

And here he is! The best character in Suicide Squad….

1. Deadshot – I had no idea who this character was and that Will Smith could still pull off a bad-ass, charismatic character like this, but boy was I wrong! Deadshot was the best character in Suicide Squad for three reasons: #1 The quotes. Will Smith had the most screen time and lines to work with out of all the other characters, and he took advantage of it. I laughed the hardest at all the things he said, and was truly a hilarious character in the good sense. #2 The action sequences. Deadshot had all the best action sequences. There weren’t really a lot to choose from, but it was fantastic watching this character shoot people down instantly without even blinking. #3 His backstory. Deadshot had the best backstory with the flashbacks with his daughter. This gave the character emotional depth and a reason to like him. That was the biggest problem I had with this movie. I had trouble rooting for these characters. Even though they were villains, I still should have felt invested in the action scenes and climax. I did not have this problem with Deadshot at all and loved the ending scene with him and his daughter. I would really like to see this character again, and possibly see him have his own movie.

(By the way, I left Enchantress off this list for a reason. Worst. Villain. Ever.)


  1. Jason

    Good list. I think Deadshot had the most screen time, but I personally liked Harley Quinn more. I don’t know…maybe it was because of Robbie playing her.

    1. Brendan Bellavia (Post author)

      Yeah, I think I knew what I was expecting from Robbie and Deadpool just surprised me a lot more. I was expecting it to be all about Harley and the Joker, but Deadpool ended up being the main character pretty much.

      1. Jason

        Deadpool? Haha…don’t you mean Deadshot

        1. Brendan Bellavia (Post author)

          Yes! Haha omg. There’s just too many comic book characters to keep track of these days lol


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