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Spoiler Review for Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is currently showing in theaters, and is one of the most entertaining movies you can watch on the big screen. There are so many great characters, of all different shapes and sizes (literally). They have all these different powers and different point of views of how things should be done. This creates some great tension throughout the movie, that leads to some fantastic scenes. If you are reading this, then you have already seen it. I will be discussing specific scenes that will contain spoilers…

So much happens in this movie! This is the third installment in the Captain America series, so the movie brings back characters like Sharon Carter, Brock Rumlow, and Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) from the last one. One of my biggest problems with this movie was how they rushed through specific storylines that could have been developed a lot better. For example, we only see Brock Rumlow for one scene, but he could have been used so much better, and maybe could have been the main villain in the movie. I also feel like they didn’t have to make Sharon, Peggy Carter’s daughter. That felt kind of unnecessary and they just threw that in the story for no reason other to make her and Captain America finally hook up. Marvel movies tend to do this a lot, where they just throw specific scenes or moments in for no reason just to make things more pleasurable to the viewer. Which isn’t a horrible thing, but is kind of lazy in storytelling. I also felt like they rushed Black Panther’s storyline a bit. In just one scene, we get introduced to the character, T’Challa, and his father. And in the same scene, his father dies, and he already desires to seek vengeance on the Winter Soldier. The very next time we see him, he is already Black Panther. It is reasons like these that I gave this movie a 4.5/5 and not a 5/5…Ok, now that I got all that out of the way, let me talk about the good things about this movie. Because there sure were a lot!

This movie brought back the Russo brothers to direct. They directed Captain America: Winter Soldier, which is one of the best Marvel movies to date, and has amazing action sequences. This film does as well. The opening scene, for example, was super action packed, with Captain America, Black Widow, Wanda, and Sam Wilcon stopping Brock Rumlow from stealing the biological weapon at the lab. One particular moment I thought was great, when Wanda destroys the weapon on the building, and it collapses. I’m not saying I enjoyed the building collapsing, but her reaction is so realistic! In a lot of action movies (especially the Transformers movies) buildings will blow up like it’s no big deal. There are all these explosions and stuff, and the characters are just oblivious to all the destruction that’s going on. This movie realistically shows that, yes there’s probably people in that building, and yes probably innocent people will die from this. This will lead to the big question of are the Avengers too powerful? And should they be contained? And these questions are what splits the Avengers, and is the ultimate plot point in the movie.

This movie introduces three new characters that will be pivotal in the MCU. One is, as I mentioned before, Black Panther. Flaws aside, this character was very interesting, and really bad ass. The costume is soo cool, and he really is the “x-factor” of this film. He kind of just appears out of nowhere, and you don’t know what he’s capable of doing. This makes his character very intriguing. And I thought Chadwick Boseman did a great job of portraying the character. This film also introduces the villain, Zemo, who I thought was a pretty solid villain. It wasn’t until the very end of the movie, where I thought he was a good villain. When we find out about his backstory, that his family was killed in destruction caused by the Avengers, it all makes sense why he is wanting to turn the Avengers against each other. To seek vengeance. And in a way, we kind of sympathize with him. The last new character is of course, SPIDER-MAN. Spider-Man is one of my all time favorite superheroes, and probably second behind Batman, so I was really anticipating how they would introduce this character, and how Tom Holland would do as Peter Parker..He nails it! Holland is charming, he has this childish innocence to him, but is also just very funny. He adds some much needed comic relief to the movie, which before I thought the movie was very serious and was lacking the “light Marvel humor.” The whole introduction was perfect. From Alt-J’s “Left Hand Free” to the camera moving behind the character until it finally reveals his face and we realize it’s Peter Parker, the Russo brothers nailed the introduction of this extremely important character in the MCU. It is easily one of my favorite moments in the film.

Lastly, I want to talk about Iron-Man and Captain America. First of all, I thought both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans gave great performances. They really nailed the tense and emotional scenes in the movie. The dynamic bouncing off both lead characters was very interesting to watch, and something that the Marvel movies have been hinting at for so long now. We understand where each character is coming from, and they both give great arguments. The final scene with the fight between Captain America and Iron-Man is so entertaining to watch, but also very devastating. These are two heroes that have turned against each other. This scene will be talked about for years.  However this was not my favorite scene….

Best scene: As Captain America and his crew are on the run, all the Avengers meet up at an airport, and ensues the most entertaining 30 minutes of any comic book movie ever!!

Of all that goes on in that scene, I thought Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man were the scene stealers, and each had great lines. When Ant-Man turned giant, I almost lost it! And when Spider-Man referenced Empire Strikes Back, I almost lost it again!





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