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Spoiler Free Review for The BFG

Title: The BFG

Date: 2016


Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill

Synopsis: A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because, unlike them, he refuses to eat children.

Review: The BFG is directed by the great Steven Spielberg, and is a wonderful return to a live action children’s movie that he is known to do from time to time. Of course there is E.T., which is one of the greatest children’s movies of all time, but also Hook, which is a movie that I grew up loving. With The BFG, Spielberg has given us another wonderful children’s movie, that kids in this day and age will love, and want to see time and time again. This is adapted off the popular children’s novel by the same name, written by Roald Dahl. I never read the book, so I came into this movie with a clean slate, and I was very impressed with the story. It’s a unique story with a great message and it kind of makes me want to read the book now to see how it compared, story wise, to the movie.

The special effects in this movie are incredible! I was blown away with how realistic BFG looked, and the other giants that were in the movie. Spielberg and his crew absolutely nailed BFG. From his physical appearance, to the way he sounded, to his facial expressions, they got it right! Mark Rylance did a wonderful job acting as BFG. His facial expressions were incredible, and I loved the way he talked. His voice, and dialogue, were very unique and humorous. I think kids are gonna fall in love with BFG. The character is so lovable and very funny at times. There are a lot of humorous scenes in this film, but it is more geared toward children. This film lacks mature, clever humor, so adults might not find this as enjoyable as children will. When I saw this in the theater, the children seemed to have a good time with it and laughed a lot.

The biggest thing I can praise about this film, is just how well it was made. I have no idea how they were able to get away with some things, and was stumped how they were able to pull off making this movie. The way they used the live action girl interacting with the CGI giant was incredible, and they played off each other really well. I found myself getting lost in the movie, and believing that BFG was real. This is a film that could have turned out really bad, and is a risky one to take on, but Spielberg got it right. I think fans of the original short story and book are gonna love how this movie turned out. I think this is one of Spielberg’s best movies in a while.

The BFG is a charming tale that offers incredible visual effects and wonderful heartfelt moments. Is it as good as E.T., no, but it’s not fair to compare it to that. It does offer great performances from the leads, especially Mark Rylance. His character, BFG, is extremely memorable and charming. If they didn’t get this character right, then it would have been a failure. However, they hit it out of the park! In a world where CGI is taking over film, The BFG shows how you do it right, and the special effects were top notch. If you have any younger children, or are just a big fan of Dahl’s book, than definitely check this out. This is one of the best films of the year. My grade for this movie is:


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