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Spoiler Free Review for Son of Clowns

Title: Son of Clowns

Date: 2016

Director: Evan Kidd

Starring: Adam Lee Ferguson, Anne-Marie Kennedy, Eric Hartley

Synopsis: Minor TV star Hudson Cash loses his show, and his family’s backyard circus is floundering. After returning home to live with his parents, he finds adjusting to life back in North Carolina his most challenging role yet.

Son of Clowns follows our main protagonist, Hudson Cash, as he deals with his life after receiving the bad news about his television show getting canceled. Hudson is pretty much broke, and is forced to move back in with his parents, who are both clowns. Hudson is a character we all can relate to. Everyone has been at that point in their lives where they feel hopeless and lost. He doesn’t know what to do with his life. Should he try to get back into acting, or should he start over? This is a fascinating plot line that everyone can relate to, even if you’re parents aren’t clowns.

Beginning this film, I thought I would see more of a comedy than anything. This is a film about clowns. However, I was surprised how personal and dark this film got at times. This film tackles some very dark topics, including alcoholism and depression. Adam Lee Ferguson does a great job of portraying the depression in his character, Hudson. His performance is very subtle, and it never felt overdid or exaggerated. Anne-Marie Kennedy also gives a fantastic performance as the girl who starts a relationship with Hudson. She does a great job of breathing fresh air into the film. She is full of charm and wit. One of the highest praises I can give this film is how real it was. A lot of the characters felt like real people and all had really good chemistry with each other. Evan Kidd did a great job shooting this film. Even though this is a micro budget film, it didn’t necessarily feel like one. There were a lot of cuts for an independent film and none of the scenes really felt lengthy.

I was really impressed with how well-made this film was. All the performances are really humane and felt natural. This is a fantastic character driven story about our protagonist and how he deals with a major change in his life. It has a very relatable plot with some great music. The film contains music from bands who originated in North Carolina, and is filmed in North Carolina as well. This films goes places that you might not expect, and has a good mix of comedy and drama. It should not be missed by anyone who is able to watch it.

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  1. Jay

    How did you happen upon this one? I seem to be watching a lot of dark stuff lately but this one sounds good and I’d like to check it out.

    1. Brendan Bellavia (Post author)

      Yeah the director showed me a screening of it. It’s really good! All the info is on the website in how to watch it. Expect interviews from the director and stars pretty soon. I’ll post them on my website.

    2. RockSet Productions

      Hey Jay, Evan Kidd here. Thanks for the interest in my film! We are currently selling DVDs/BluRay on our website if you wanna snag a copy. We are also releasing on Amazon Prime this September. Cheers!


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