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Spoiler Free Review for Sing Street

Title: Sing Street

Date: 2016

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for language, some bullying behavior, a suggestive image, drug material and teen smoking

Director: John Carney

Starring: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucy Boynton, and Jack Reynor

Synopsis: A young boy, growing up in Dublin during the 1980s, escapes his strained family life by starting a band to impress the mysterious girl he likes.

Review: I really like John Carney movies. They always are inspiring, feel-good films with great music. Sing Street is no exception. I think it is impossible to not come out of this movie feeling thrilled and delighted. Not only was this “the feel good movie of the year,” but it is also very well made. This is BY FAR John Carney’s best film. The directing is phenomenal. This film takes place in Dublin in 1985, and not at once does this feel like it is anywhere else. The set design and costumes are all perfect. I think Carney is really coming into his own as a filmmaker, and Sing Street shows it.

As I mentioned before, there is some great music in this film. Carney’s previous two films, Once and Begin Again, both have great, original music. However, I think Sing Street has the best music. Once has that great singular song that won an Academy Award, but Sing Street has multiple fantastic, original songs. It takes place in the 80s, so there are some songs that feel like they were written 30 years ago. If you are a big fan of 80s music, then you are gonna love this soundtrack. Although, there are also some really good, less upbeat songs that really anyone can enjoy. I am not a person that likes 80s music at all, but I loved the soundtrack. They were all great songs that fit in with the film perfectly.

Let me talk about the performances. I was blown away with the entire ensemble cast. Everyone was fantastic. The great thing about it is, I have not really hear of anyone from the cast. These are all actors that I have seen for the first time, mostly younger people, and I thought they all did a great job. The lead of this film, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, was perfect, and it’s first acting credit! I think Jack Reynor, who plays the brother, is going places. His performance was great. I also think Lucy Boynton is going places. She plays Raphina in the film. All the characters are so fantastic. One of my biggest flaws for movies is that the characters are always one-dimensional. You only see one side of this character, and in return, it’s hard to relate to them, or sympathize with them. Sing Street had no problem with this at all. All the characters were memorable, and most of them have added depth. We see many sides to these characters, so they feel like real people.

It’s hard for me to really give any flaws without nitpicking some things. I will say that the film, at times, relies too much on the music, when instead they could build on the story. This is really my only flaw, and I think a lot of people can overlook it just because the music is so good. This film probably won’t win Best Picture or anything, but it does give us an original film, with some fantastic characters. I can tell that John Carney understood exactly what he was doing while making this film. Nothing felt out-of-place, and it flowed very nicely.

Sing Street was a pleasant surprise, and is one of the best feel-good movies of the year. This film does a good job of not sticking with the average movie clichés, and in return, might surprise you a few times. There is a nice balance of comedy and drama to the film that adds depth to the movie. I am predicting this film will be nominated for an Academy Award for best original song, and there could be a number of them that’s nominated. The soundtrack to this film is fantastic, that lovers of 80s music will enjoy. Maybe even those that don’t like 80s music. I know I did! I think this film is very underrated and is not getting enough attention. If you are reading this than you have to check it out. You will not be disappointed. My grade for this film is:



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