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Spoiler Free Review for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Title: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Date: 2017


Director: James Gunn

Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Kurt Russell

Synopsis: Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians are hired by a powerful alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their precious batteries from invaders. When it is discovered that Rocket has stolen the items they were sent to guard, the Sovereign dispatch their armada to search for vengeance. As the Guardians try to escape, the mystery of Peter’s parentage is revealed.

We have yet another Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie on our hands. This is the fifteenth film in the franchise, and the second film in the Guardians franchise. Obviously. One thing I like about these Guardians films is they always seem to have their own separate storylines, away from the MCU. They take place in space, and very rarely show scenes on Earth. This film in particular had a few scenes on Earth, but for the most part it was all in space, in completely new territories/planets that we have never seen before. The color scheme is a lot more brighter, and the scope of the entire film is bigger. This film does take place in space, so there were plenty of fascinating wide-shots that were certainly pleasing to the eyes.

James Gunn stuck with what made the first one so surprisingly great and added on to it in this second installment. The entire cast is back, proving once again how they might have better chemistry than the Avengers! The soundtrack is kick-ass with plenty of classic hit 1970s rock songs. Also this film goes deeper into the humanity of our main characters, especially those of Peter Quill, Gamora, and Yondu. Speaking of Yondu, Michael Rooker’s blue-skinned, mohawked space pirate might just be the x-factor of the whole film. Without getting into too much details, his character evolves a lot more and shows sides that we never saw in the first film. Rooker has this subtle vulnerability to him, a long with his loud and brash nature, that really shines. It was really a joy to watch. A long with Rooker, Chris Pratt gives a very good performance and proves once again why he is one of Hollywood’s top leading men. Also Bradley Cooper was back once again voicing Rocket, and he absolutely nailed it. The fact that a completely computer generated talking raccoon is so entertaining to watch is just a miracle. Cooper is so good at voicing him and has really made him his own. Rocket Raccoon is a national treasure, and deserves to get his own movie! There I said it…

I haven’t read any other reviews on what critics have said about the film, but I would say the biggest problem with the film, and something most people can agree on is the editing of the film. In particular, the structural editing. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 runs over 2 hours long, and it certainly isn’t a film that flies by. Even though this is an adventurous film that is very fast-paced at times, there are definitely a lot of scenes that felt more like deleted scenes. They were unnecessary to the plot, and basically just the characters sitting around talking and making jokes. Although very amusing at times, they did allow the film to drag on and didn’t help with the overall pace of the film. The other problems were similar to flaws with the first one. Too much CGI, weak antagonists, and not enough character stakes. These are common problems really with all the MCU movies. All of them are filmed entirely with blue-screen effects, and although they can look really cool at times, definitely get very tiring and tedious after a while. With the announcement of a third film and the fact that the entire Guardians of the Galaxy will be in the Infinity War movies, we pretty much already know they will all survive in this film and will be in the future installments. This definitely taints the film a little bit, because when they are in dangerous situations we already know the fate of their characters and that they will survive by the end of the film. It’s a minor problem, but just imagine if there were not any future installments announced and we wouldn’t know where the fate lies with the characters until after watching the movie. The film would be so much better and more intriguing!

Overall, the film isn’t perfect, and there are definitely some obvious flaws, but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a blast to watch. With its humorous and entertaining script, amusing characters, and bright color scheme, the latest Guardians film should not be missed by anyone that is a fan of the first one, or any of the Marvel films. It is a treat to watch on the big screen, and even though runs too long, still has plenty of entertaining action and surprisingly emotionally affective scenes that will tug at your heart-strings. Chris Pratt and Rocket Raccoon are both fantastic, and James Gunn delivered yet again another charming and captivating film. Even his brother Sean Gunn, who plays Kraglin in the film, was great. The film stuck to what made the first one work, had plenty of amusing one-liners, and has a lot of heart. My grade for this film is:


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